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Custom Made

Custom Made

Your own unique project using fibre cement.

Eternit (Schweiz) AG offers individuals the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Whether you’re making a product or a specific design solution, we provide expert support and share our years of technical knowledge and experience – right from the initial consultation all the way to final production.

We’ve already helped with numerous exciting projects, working together with product designers, architects, businesses and also the public sector. Anything is possible when you work with us and fibre cement.

A selection of our projects are presented below. We look forward to hearing your ideas for your project!

Interior greening of the new ZHAW campus in Winterthur

Custom-made Delta planter

A statement of modern interior design is the integration of garden architecture, this is the motto of the interior greening specialist Creaplant. The latter, in collaboration with Eternit Switzerland, has developed a new large container of the Delta line with a diameter of 100 cm.

The idea: to be able to plant small trees and thus bring a piece of nature into the building. The four new planters made of durable fiber cement now adorn the atrium of the Winterthur campus. They were handcrafted in our factory in Payerne. And because they are so beautiful, we immediately included the new Delta in our range.


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Vonschloo Urban Speaker

Projekt for Estragon Product Design

Zurich-based product design studio Estragon were inspired by the shape of a ‘Folle’, a traditional conical amplifier used in the Swiss alps, when they were designing their free-standing L242 speaker for the Vonschloo brand.

Estragon chose to work with Eternit’s fibre cement for the speaker’s housing. The slightly rough surface presents an exciting contrast to wood, metal and fabric. Fibre cement also has excellent acoustic properties. With the help of Eternit, the speaker’s housing was developed successfully and then put into production.


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The Circle, Zurich Airport

Developed with Creaplant for Flughafen Zurich AG

‘The Circle’ at Zurich Airport is like a small town, containing offices, hotels and retail, as well as art, culture and hospitality venues.

Interior ‘greening’ is given a new level of importance in this lively mix. Creaplant, a specialist in interior greening, collaborated with Eternit on this project to create 663 custom-made planters. All the planters for this project were hand-made in specific shapes and dimensions at our factory in Payerne.

The planters were placed in frames and loaded with beautiful greenery to form vertical gardens, giving the finished complex a feel of urban gardening.


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Climate-improving Façades in Fibre Cement

Project für die Vienna City and Dachgrün GmbH in Vienna

Using living plants to cover building façades in large cities is an important step in dealing with climate change. The plants improve air quality and cover buildings’ surfaces to make the street-level cooler. At the same time, they also help to create a more natural, healthier environment. The BeRTA© green façade module combines greenery, planters made from Eternit fibre cement and climbing supports for plants, enabling customised ‘greening’ of existing buildings.

Successfully used in Vienna since 2019, the modules were originally developed by a research team as part of the ‘50 grüne Häuser’ (‘50 Green Houses’) project. These climate-improving modules are now available as an all-in-one package with the highest quality guaranteed. The package includes advice, planning and construction in Vienna. In future, the package will also be offered in other cities.


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Open-air Culture

Project for Künstlergruppe, Freiburg

Regular artist panels are organised as part of the city of Freiburg’s art and culture scene, so a group of architects and artists came together to design an open-air auditorium on a green slope at Georges-Python-Platz. The project was intended to emphasise Freiburg’s identity as a student city and offer a place for discussion.

his installation consists of 14 fibre cement chairs with desks connected to a central base. The setup gives the impression of an auditorium that has turned to stone over time.

The chairs were hand-crafted by Eternit in close collaboration with a local carpenter, who made the wooden moulds for the chairs.


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