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Fibre cement

Fibre cement

Malleability and stability.

These are the two qualities that helped fibre cement make the jump from being a material for building façades and roof panels to being a material for the wider world of design. The raw materials for fibre cement come from natural sources, making it a sustainable material.

A truly versatile material

The original fibre cement from Eternit is a versatile material made using natural raw materials. The extraordinary durability offered by fibre cement makes the material weather-proof, frost resistant, extremely stable and ultimately sustainable. These properties make it the perfect choice for outdoor use.

Sustainability and ecology

Fibre cement is made from natural raw materials: Portland cement from the Swiss mountains, cellulose fibres from plants, water and a minimal amount of synthetic reinforcement fibres. Our production is more environmentally friendly due to our raw materials being sourced from our local region, and also because fibre cement requires less energy to produce compared to other building materials. Fibre cement helps to strike a good balance between economy and ecology, giving products a long life span.

A recipe for success

Cement, cellulose and reinforcement fibres are mixed together with water to form a raw mixture. Under continuous quality controls, the mixture is carefully rolled out, pressed, cut, dried and coloured. Once we’re happy that the highest quality requirements have been met in all respects, the material is then considered fit for release as a fibre cement product from Eternit (Schweiz) AG.

Portland cement

Synthetic reinforcement fibres